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Nominated by Julie Brill, Alexander Italianer, Frédéric Jenny, Bill Kovacic, Bruno Lasserre

Laurent Geelhand

Laurent Geelhand

Jury member

Mr. Geelhand is General Counsel Europe Michelin Group. He Graduate from the law schools of the Université Libre de Bruxelles (Brussels, Belgium) and of the University of Washington (Seattle, U.S.A.). Attorney in New York (Hughes Hubbard & Reed) and in Brussels (Van Bael & Bellis) from 1990 through 1998. Joined Michelin in 1998. Mr. Geelhand has hold lectures on European competition law at the law school of Montpellier (France) ; he has been speaker at various conferences on competition law (including a conference organized by the French Supreme Court in October 2005 on damages actions for breach of competition rules and at the LIDC – International League on Competition Law - in October 2006 in Amsterdam on antitrust compliance programmes) ; and has various publications, notably on the reform of Article 82 of the EC Treaty and on antitrust compliance programmes.

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