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Nominated by Julie Brill, Alexander Italianer, Frédéric Jenny, Bill Kovacic, Bruno Lasserre

Alexander Italianer

Alexander Italianer

Jury member

Alexander Italianer is Director General for Competition of the European Commission. Prior to his appointment on 18 February 2010, he was from 2006 Deputy Secretary General in charge of the Better Regulation Agenda and Chairman of the Impact Assessment Board. After 10 years in its Directorate General for Economic and Financial Affairs, he worked successively in the cabinets of President Santer, Commissioner Verheugen, Commissioner Telička and President Barroso, interrupted by a brief spell, from 2002-2004, as director for International Economic and Financial Affairs. He holds a graduate degree in econometrics and a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Groningen (the Netherlands), and was a research associate at the Catholic University of Leuven (KUL) before joining the European Commission in 1985.

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