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Putting a Value on Leniency Applications: 5 critical considerations (Webinar)

H. Stephen Harris, Jr., Darrell Prescott, Grant Murray, Ross L. Denton, Baker & McKenzie, 12 December 2012.

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This webinar accompanied by a written presentation explore how to make effective and valuable leniency applications to minimize exposure in relation to global cartels. The contributors have distilled the myriad factors to be assessed into five key considerations. A panel of partners from the US, Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific discuss these considerations with reference to recent enforcement practice in their jurisdictions. This webinar covers:
- How to prepare for a cartel investigation
- How to decide whether and where to make leniency applications
- How to adopt a global strategy to minimize your overall exposure

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The Baker & McKenzie’s monthly webinar series, Antitrust and Competition Strategies, aim to demystify the global landscape and highlight the important local landscapes for business over 2012.

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