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Zhijun Chen

Zhijun Chen

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Zhijun Chen is a senior lecturer in the Department of Economics, University of Auckland, since November 2010. He was awarded a Ph.D. of Management Science from Wuhan University in 2002 and a Ph.D. of Economics from Toulouse School of Economics in 2006. Before joining the University of Auckland, Zhijun Chen taught at Wuhan University and Zhejiang University in China, followed by a position of post-doctoral research fellow at the Centre for Competition Policy in the University of East Anglia and a position of Marie-Curie Research Fellow in Ecole Polytechnique. His main research interest focuses on Industrial Organization, Competition Policy, and Applied Microeconomics. Zhijun Chen is an applied theorist, with special concerns on anticompetitive behaviors by dominant firms and particular interests in applying research outcomes into antitrust enforcement. Recently I have been engaged in research projects on retailer market power (jointly with Professor Patrick Rey at Toulouse School of Economics) and exclusionary contracts (jointly with Professor Greg Shaffer in the University of Rochester).

Website : University of Auckland - Department of Economics (Auckland)

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