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Nominated by Julie Brill, Alexander Italianer, Frédéric Jenny, Bill Kovacic, Bruno Lasserre

Max Huffman

Max Huffman

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Max Huffman joined the Indiana faculty in 2008 as an associate professor, after teaching at the University of Cincinnati and West Virginia University. He teaches Antitrust, Comparative and International Antitrust, Consumer Law, Secured Transactions, Bankruptcy, and Payment Systems, and in 2011 won the Red Cane award recognizing an outstanding new member of the law school faculty. His scholarly interests lie primarily in the areas of competition and consumer law. Professor Huffman has published scholarship on those topics in law journals at Cornell University, the University of Pennsylvania, University of Texas, Southern Methodist University, University of Houston, University of Cincinnati, and William & Mary, as well as the field-leading Antitrust Law Journal. He has also written shorter articles and opinion pieces published by the trade and news presses.

Voir en ligne : Robert H. McKinney School of Law (Indianapolis)

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