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Kirtikumar Mehta

Kirtikumar Mehta

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Kirti Mehta is former Cartels Director in the Directorate General for Competition in the European Commission. He had first joined the Commission in 1982 as Principal Administrator in the chemicals, plastics and synthetic rubber division in the Directorate General for Internal Market and Industry. In 1991 he became Head of Division of the Agro-Processing Industry and Biotechnology in the same Directorate General. During this period his specific responsibilities were trade negotiations, internal market legislation and technology management policies for the sectors concerned. In 1994 he moved to the Directorate General for Competition becoming Head of Division in the Merger Task Force and in 1998 Head of Division for General Competition Policy. In 1999 he became the Director responsible for General Competition Policy and Legislation covering Antitrust and State Aid before moving in July 2003 to take charge of cartel enforcement, merger control and abuse of dominance cases in the Industry, Consumer Goods and Agricultural sectors. Prior to joining the Commission, he was a senior economist in the Commodity Analysis and Export Projections department of the World Bank, Washington D.C.. Until 1980 he was Chief Group Economist for Gill & Duffus Group, London, responsible for group M&A activities and directing analysis of futures market hedging and arbitrage strategies. Kirti Mehta graduated in 1973 from London School of Economics with a Ph.D in mathematical economics and econometrics specialising in the field of international trade in imperfectly competitive markets.

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