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Nominated by Julie Brill, Alexander Italianer, Frédéric Jenny, Bill Kovacic, Bruno Lasserre

Bruno Lasserre

Bruno Lasserre

Jury member

Bruno Lasserre, is a member of the Conseil d’Etat - the French supreme administration court - which he joined in 1978 after the ENA. Between 1989 and 1997, he served as director general of posts and telecoms : during this tenure, he developed and implemented a comprehensive reform of the regulatory framework of the French telecoms sector, culminating in full liberalisation and establishment of an independent regulatory authority. He returned to the Conseil d’Etat in 1998 as a full time member, where he served between 2001 and 2004 as deputy chairman of the litigation chamber. After serving as member of the French Conseil de la concurrence (1998-2004), and then as president of the institution (2004-2009), he pushed through a fundamental reform that transformed it into the Autorité de la concurrence, in charge of merger review and competition advocacy in addition to antitrust. He chairs the Autorité since then. He is also a member of the Commission for the Liberation of French Growth.Since 2012, Bruno Lasserre has been Chairman, European Competition Network.

Voir en ligne : Autorité de la concurrence (Paris)

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